Trala Student Success Stories

Over the past three years, 250,000+ students downloaded Trala to learn violin. Ranging in age from 8 to 80, Trala students live and learn violin from all over the world, including Atlanta, Beirut, Hong Kong, Dublin, Brisbane, and Trala’s hometown of Chicago.

Just getting started with violin and need some inspiration? Read on to learn how students use Trala to learn this complex, beautiful instrument.

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“I got a violin on Christmas Day of 2019, and I have been using Trala to practice violin nearly every day since then. I am in love with the violin beyond words. I hope others will fall in love with it too.”

51, Nova Scotia

"When I was two years old, my father introduced me to Hilary Hahn's first album 'Hilary Hahn Plays Bach,' and I was captivated by her performance! Since then, I've dreamed of playing the violin with conviction similar to Hahn. Thanks to my current job I was able to purchase a violin for myself, but looked for a violin teacher who was willing to teach me as a 25 year old student. Thankfully I found the Trala app during my search, as I can learn the violin at my own pace. I'm irrevocably grateful I found an app designed for violin enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds.”

25, Boston

“After two years of learning violin by ear, I decided that I wanted to learn sheet music. Finding Trala changed the game for me. Learning with the app enhanced my skills and taught me to read sheet music. Thanks to Trala, I’m able to join musical groups with other musicians.”

16, California

“When I first started learning violin, my doctor told me there was something wrong with my wrist and that I needed to learn to play my violin left-handed. My teacher at the time told me to forget violin and find a new instrument. I ended my violin lessons and years went by. I couldn’t stop thinking about the violin! Then I found Trala. Using the app’s instructional videos and audio feedback, I learned how to play violin on the opposite side, despite what my first violin teacher told me. I have truly been living my dream. The Trala app has a great teaching method, and Trala’s team of teachers has given me so much encouragement. No matter what challenges I face, Trala has given me the tools and support I need to learn violin.”

24, Iran

“A few months ago, I found Trala. Trala has been such a blessing because it truly helps me learn violin all on my own. The app teaches you all the basics, gives you instant feedback on how you sound, and let’s you set up time to talk with a teacher to answer any questions you have. I don’t know how I would learn violin without Trala!”

29, Missouri

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