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Austin, TX

I was 61 when I began playing, and it’s never too late.

Tree found Trala in her sixties, after deciding to finally make her lifelong dream of learning the violin a reality. 

“During the pandemic, I decided I’m going to stop regretting not playing the violin. I drove to the nearest music store, got a student violin, went on YouTube, and started playing open notes.”

Picking up a brand new instrument is a challenge for anyone, but for Tree, it’s a worthwhile one. Learning music has helped her overcome trauma and achieve newfound happiness. It’s an outlet for creative expression and emotional release, and it’s no wonder she’s become a leader in the Trala community. 

In the future, Tree is hoping to share the joy of her new hobby with fellow Trala students. If you’re an adult who is also just getting started, she has this advice, “If you want to experience real joy in your life, pick up an instrument. I was 61 when I began playing, and it’s never too late.”

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Photography by Orel Chollette