Meet Tree from Austin, TX


I was 61 when I began playing violin. It’s never too late to make music.

Meet Tree đź‘‹

Tree found Trala in her sixties, after deciding to finally make her lifelong dream of learning the violin a reality. 

“During the pandemic, I decided I’m going to stop regretting not playing the violin. I drove to the nearest music store, got a student violin, and started playing open notes.”

Learning violin has helped Tree overcome trauma and achieve newfound happiness. Making music is an outlet for creative expression and emotional release, and Tree encourages anyone who's interested in making music to take a leap of faith and start learning today.

"My advice is not to be afraid of being judged," she says. "We’re afraid that people are going to think that we’re not good enough or we shouldn’t be doing this. That’s an old narrative. I think if you want to experience real joy and freedom in your life, pick up an instrument."


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