Learn violin at any age, from anywhere.

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The Trala School of Music

Everything you need to learn violin at your fingertips
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Violin lessons for busy people

We’ll match you with the right teacher, someone who understands your goals and makes you actually want to practice. Online lessons let you squeeze in violin between meetings, after school, or when the family has gone to bed.

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Instant feedback to help you learn and grow

Trala uses signal processing, groundbreaking technology that analyzes the sound of your violin and gives you instant feedback on pitch and rhythm every time you practice. When you play the wrong notes, we’ll help you get back on track.

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Curriculum built by rockstars and concertmasters

Learn violin by playing the music you love - whether that’s Britney (Spears), Bluegrass, or (Bela) Bartok. Stay motivated with the world’s largest library of violin videos and exercises featuring folks like Katie Jacoby (The Who) and Kiana June Weber.

Meet our teachers

Joshua Bell's favorite teaching method

Joshua Bell, the GRAMMY® Award-winning violinist, sets the standard for instruction at Trala. He’s actively shaping Trala’s curriculum and recording a series of behind-the-scenes videos while on tour to share advice and inspiration with Trala students. We’re a little star struck, but trying to play it cool.

It's never too late to make music

But you don't have to take our word for it...

As a nurse, my life can get stressful. Learning violin for the first time has allowed me to make a personal commitment to myself every day. It’s nice to not have all of my self-worth wrapped up in a job.”

- Kassandra, Trala violin student

Trala violin student, Kassandra, playing her violin.

I'm often asked by grown-ups if it is too late for them to take up violin lessons.  I have always said 'It's never too late!', but now I can tell them 'You gotta check out Trala!' I'm convinced now that the music education industry could be significantly strengthened if we served adults and people of all geographic backgrounds with the same resources we bring to schoolchildren.”  

- Joshua Bell

Joshua Bell playing his violin.

Not just for some, but for everyone

An app for the millions of people left out by brick and mortar music schools

with busy schedules who want to learn violin

Rural Students

who don’t have access to a music school or studio in their immediate community


who’s been turned away by the gatekeeping and biases of traditional music education

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countries are represented in the Trala student body


students have downloaded Trala to learn violin.

1 billion+

people will pick up an instrument in the next 20 years

The Trala Community

Meet Trala’s violin teachers

They’ve toured the world, shared the stage with maestros and pop stars, and are here to help you learn violin.

Caitlin Edwards

Learn foundational skills with Caitlin, a classically trained violinist, arranger, and teacher who’s performed with the Chicago Sinfonietta, John Legend, and Lauryn Hill.

Chuck Bontrager

Amplify your sound and rock out with Chuck, electric violinist and Concertmaster of the Chicago company of Hamilton.

Esther Abrami

Make your vibrato sing with Esther Abrami, internationally celebrated violinist and Sony Artist.

Geoff Dolce

Learn classic, simple songs with Geoff Dolce, author of the Trala Method for learning violin.

Grace Youn

Produce a beautiful sound with Grace, a top Suzuki teacher and versatile musician who loves to play Beethoven and Billie Eilish.

Katie Jacoby

Play with emotion with Katie, an electric and acoustic violinist who has performed with Miley Cyrus, The Who, and Dua Lipa.

Kiana June Weber

Practice Irish folk songs with Kiana, the world’s preeminent Celtic fiddler and former member of Gaelic Storm.

Nuné Melik

Tell a story through your music with Nuné, an internationally acclaimed soloist who has performed at Carnegie Hall and the United Nations.

Rachael Miller

Take a private lesson with Rachael Miller, Trala's Student Success Manager.

Rhett Price

Grow your improvisation skills with Rhett, a YouTube star known for his hip hop remixes.

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Violin today,
a symphony tomorrow

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Learn violin at any age, from anywhere.

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