Learn violin at any age,
from anywhere

Trala helps you learn violin

Improve your rhythm and intonation

When you use Trala to practice violin, you’ll get real time feedback on how you sound. When your violin sounds scratchy or you play the wrong notes, Trala will help you get back on track.

Learn from top teachers

Trala’s fun, easy-to-follow video lessons let you learn skills like bow hold, scales, vibrato, reading music, tone quality, and more from some of the world’s best violinists.

Stay in tune

With live group classes, a support team of violinists, private lessons, and a built-in tuner for daily use, Trala gives you the guidance and learning resources you need to play beautifully.

Make serious progress

Trala helps you build and stick with a daily practice routine so you can reach your violin goals. Hundreds of lessons and a diverse song library will take your violin skills to the next level.

Violin students shine with Trala

I’m in the military and stationed in a rather remote location of the United States. When a friend sold me his violin for cheap, I was looking everywhere for lessons. I even took out an add for an instructor on Craigslist, with no avail. I found Trala on the App store and tried their 5 days free. It’s perfect for me. I can practice with it at any time. I don’t have (to) travel for lessons, which I was prepared to do; and I’m paying a fraction of what I was willing to pay for lessons.

Explore student stories

Learn violin from some of the world’s best violinists

Nuné Melik

Tell a story through your music with Nuné, an internationally acclaimed soloist who has performed at Carnegie Hall and the United Nations. 

Katie Jacoby

Play with emotion with Katie, an electric and acoustic violinist who has performed with Miley Cyrus, The Who, and Dua Lipa.

Rachael Miller

Take a personalized private lesson with Rachael Miller, Trala's Student Success Manager.

Geoff Dolce 

Learn classic, simple songs with Geoff Dolce, author of the Trala Method for learning violin.

Grace Youn

Produce a beautiful sound with Grace, a top Suzuki teacher and versatile musician who loves to play Beethoven and Billie Eilish.

Kiana June Weber

Practice Irish folk songs with Kiana, the world’s preeminent Celtic fiddler and former member of Gaelic Storm.

Caitlin Edwards

Learn foundational skills with Caitlin, a classically trained violinist, arranger, and teacher who’s performed with the Chicago Sinfonietta, John Legend, and Lauryn Hill.

Rasa Mahmoudian

Perfect your posture with Rasa, a celebrated educator who’s going beyond the Western canon to explore musical traditions from around the world.