Tuning Your Violin

If you’re new to learning violin, you might be intimidated at the thought of tuning your instrument. Don’t worry if tuning seems complicated at first. Trala teachers have taught thousands of beginner violinists to tune their instrument. With a good digital tuner and a little bit of practice, you can be confident in your ability to tune your violin.

If you’re already a Trala student, you have access to an in-app violin tuner that lets you quickly tune your violin every time you practice. To get started, watch the video below to learn how to safely tune your instrument. Then, open the app and look for the violin tuner icon at the bottom of your Trala homepage. Trala will listen to you bow or pluck open strings and tell you how to adjust the fine tuners of your violin (or pegs, if you’re really out of tune) to achieve the right note.

If you aren’t able to download Trala, consider purchasing a clip-on tuner. Remember, even professional musicians rely on tuners. Unless you have perfect-pitch, a good tuner is a must-have for any student violinist.

Need help tuning? Watch this video to learn how to tune your violin as a beginner.

Pegs slipping? Watch this video to troubleshoot common violin tuning problems.

Violin tuning cheat sheet

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