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An Adults' Guide to Online Music Lessons

Striking a chord in the digital age, online music lessons are tuning into the rhythms of adult learners worldwide. Adults can hone their musical skills from the comfort of their home, bending time around their schedule and hitting the high notes of convenience and personal development.

Today, adults from all walks of life enjoy piano lessons, ukulele lessons, and guitar lessons through virtual music instructors. Learning music may be a relaxing escape that allows you to take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

However, many adults may be worried about the effectiveness of learning a new instrument via online music classes, and wonder if lessons are a good idea for adult learners. 

The short answer is, “yes, they are!”

Whether you’re a busy professional looking to pursue your musical passion or an absolute beginner ready to plunge into the world of music, keep reading to discover why an online music school is the right fit for you.

What instruments can adults learn online? 

You can master an impressive range of instruments with online lessons. Enthusiastic adults dive into the delicate melodies of taking online piano lessons, strum the versatile chords of taking online guitar lessons, and conquer the unique sounds of wind instruments like the clarinet, saxophone, and flute.

With Trala, you can even explore the amazing world of the violin in a virtual learning environment.

Adults like Tree, a 61-year-old with a lifelong dream of playing the violin, found success with tailored online lessons from Trala.

Trala opens up a world where over 26 music genres come to life through the guidance of some of the most experienced music teachers in the world. With Trala, students aren’t just pressing play on pre-recorded videos. They’re engaging in live, one-on-one private music lessons that cater to their unique learning styles and objectives.

How online platforms cater to various levels of musical skill

The beauty of online music lessons is the flexibility it offers students of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a cello pro or a novice on the bass guitar, there’s an online platform for you. Let’s explore how online platforms cater to various musical skill levels and the benefits they offer adult beginners.

Tailored lessons for individual preferences

Online music lessons for adults allow students to tailor their experience according to their individual preferences. Students can choose the instrument they want to learn and even focus on specific genres of music that resonate with them.

For example, Trala offers violin courses designed for different genres like classical, pop, and jazz based on the students’ selected teachers. 

This gives adult learners a more personalized learning experience, which is not always possible in traditional music classes. Trala is the first major online music learning method designed to prioritize adults and their unique goals and needs.

Diverse musical traditions

Online platforms break down the barriers to exploring various musical cultures and traditions. Through virtual learning, adults can receive instruction from teachers worldwide, each bringing their unique musical knowledge and expertise.

This diversity of perspectives and styles allows adult learners to broaden their horizons and gain a deeper understanding of music.

Technology-enhanced learning

Technology has revolutionized how we approach music education, infusing it with a dynamic and interactive essence. Innovations like high-functionality apps, sophisticated communication software, and virtual reality open doors to immersive learning experiences. 

For learners thriving in the digital age, these tools facilitate a deeper engagement with music theory, ear training, and instrument mastery than ever before. 

Between lessons, Trala students can access a rich repository of violin resources right at their fingertips through the free Trala app for iOS and Android. The app blends technology and education, offering real-time feedback on pitch and rhythm, a vast library of songs, and meticulously designed lessons by incredible teachers. 

Trala’s app has received positive reviews from adult learners, showcasing seamless integration of technology and musical instruction.

Can online platforms offer personalized music learning experiences?

The in-person music learning experience is no longer the only option for adult learners. Online platforms have transformed how adults learn music, offering benefits like tailored lessons and diverse musical traditions. But can they offer personalized learning experiences? Let’s explore further.

Getting continuous feedback

You might think that online music lessons lack the feedback and guidance an in-person teacher provides. However, many platforms offer innovative ways to give students real-time feedback on their playing. 

Live lessons using videoconferencing software like Zoom makes it possible for instructors to observe your playing technique and give feedback as needed. They can help address things like posture, finger positioning, and even bow pressure — just as easily as they could if you were in the same room!

Some services like Trala also provide feedback resources for between lessons. Trala’s app contains signal processing technology that can identify pitch and rhythm accuracy and track progress over time. 

Getting continuous feedback during and between lessons is a great way to help correct mistakes on the spot, ensuring you develop good habits. 

Adapting to different learning styles

Online music programs excel in catering to different learning styles, effectively accommodating auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners. Auditory learners can benefit from high-quality sound recordings, listening exercises, and the ability to play along with backing tracks in real time. 

For visual learners, the services often provide sheet music, video tutorials, and visual aids like chord diagrams or animated fingering guides. Kinesthetic learners, who learn best by doing, can engage with interactive lessons, use responsive tools that track hand movements, and receive haptic feedback from compatible instruments or devices. 

These varied approaches ensure that regardless of a student’s preferred learning style, there’s a way for them to connect with the music and their instrument, facilitating a comprehensive and inclusive learning environment.

Choosing the ideal music teacher

Online music lesson providers like Trala take personalization to the next level by offering a selection of instructors with unique teaching styles, backgrounds, and specialties. Adult learners aren’t limited to a single approach to music education, and they can match with an instructor whose teaching method resonates with their learning preferences. 

If it’s an emphasis on traditional ear training, a contemporary approach to music theory, or a focus on performance readiness, there’s a teacher out there to help adults achieve their musical goals.

Scheduling with other commitments in mind

Online music platforms allow adult learners to schedule lesson time around their busy lives. Unlike traditional in-person lessons, which usually follow strict timetables, you can take online classes whenever and wherever is most convenient. 

This allows you to arrange practice sessions early in the morning before work, during lunch breaks, or late at night after family time.

Learning at your own pace empowers adult learners to digest complex material in a way that suits their individual learning speed, removing the pressure and stress often associated with keeping up in a group setting. This scheduling autonomy is invaluable for adults juggling work, family, and other commitments.

Integrating musical preferences

Customization is a core advantage of online music platforms, and integrating students’ musical preferences is a great example. Adult learners can often choose their favorite genres, artists, or even specific songs to include in their lessons, which makes practicing feel more like leisure than labor. 

Through this tailored approach, online music education demonstrates a profound understanding of the significance of personal relevance in adult learning.

Tips for setting realistic online music lesson goals

As with any learning journey, setting realistic goals is crucial for success with online music lessons. Here are some tips to consider when setting goals for your online music education:

Understand your personal motivations

Identify your motivations for learning music. Is it a lifelong dream, a newfound interest, or a desire to challenge yourself? Are you interested in playing acoustic guitar while singing around a campfire, going to Broadway shows, doing recitals, or being a composer? 

Understanding why you want to learn music and what drives you will strengthen your commitment to learning and guide you in setting relevant goals. It’s also essential to remind yourself of these motivations when things get challenging, as they will serve as a source of inspiration and drive.

Focus on achievable milestones

Rather than setting one big overarching goal, focus on achieving smaller milestones throughout your music learning journey. These could be mastering a certain technique, learning to play a specific song, or progressing to the next level in your instrument. 

For example, you can start with basic banjo or trombone lessons and slowly advance to playing complex pieces such as folk songs or jazz improvisations. Breaking down your goals into smaller, more achievable tasks helps you stay motivated.

Balance your ambition with daily life

While it’s important to have ambition and a drive to excel in music, balancing this with your lifestyle and other commitments is equally crucial. Adult learners often have busy lives, and finding time for regular practice sessions can be challenging. Be honest about how much time you have available for music lessons, and set realistic goals within that time frame.

How to find the right online music lessons for adults

With the growing popularity of online music lessons, finding the right platform and instructor can be overwhelming. Here are some tips for finding the best fit for your music-learning journey:

Comparing services

Researching and comparing online music lesson services requires a strategic approach. Consider identifying your specific needs, such as the instrument you want to learn, your skill level, and your personal learning style. Look for platforms that offer free trials, user testimonials, and comprehensive FAQ sections.

Trala stands out as an exemplary solution for adults learning string instruments online. Here are the features that make Trala stand out:

  • Advanced technology: Trala uses signal processing technology to provide real-time feedback on playing techniques, making it feel like you have a personal instructor with you.
  • A focus on adult learners: The platform is designed with adults in mind, considering their busy lifestyles and unique learning needs.
  • Custom learning experience: With access to a vast library of songs across multiple genres and skill levels, Trala allows you to tailor your learning experience to your preferences.
  • A plethora of resources: From practice logs and tutorials to free sheet music and an easy-to-use app, it offers a comprehensive range of resources for effective and efficient learning during and between lessons.
  • Accessible education with qualified instructors: With certified teachers who are experienced in teaching online, Trala ensures high-quality education accessible to learners from anywhere in the world.

Evaluating instructor credentials

When choosing an online music learning platform, the credentials and experience of instructors are paramount. Knowledgeable instructors can offer nuanced insights into technique and expression crucial to mastering an instrument. 

They can also recognize and cater to the varying learning styles of adult students. Trala’s teachers are handpicked for their diverse backgrounds and experiences, ensuring they bring their students a wealth of expertise. 

They work closely with learners to identify goals, tailor lessons to individual needs, and provide immediate feedback — vital for correcting mistakes and promoting progress.

Choosing the right instrument

Selecting the right instrument as an adult can be a blend of personal preference and practicality, especially if you have no prior musical experience. Consider the sounds and music you enjoy, the time you have for practice, and the physical aspects of the instrument, such as size and portability. 

Some instruments have a steep learning curve, while others may be more accessible for beginners. Trala caters to students across the spectrum of skill levels—from complete novices to advanced musicians, ensuring a fulfilling musical education regardless of where you begin.

Harmonize your skills and passion with Trala teachers today 

The world of online music learning can be overwhelming, but with the right platform and instructor, you can unlock your full potential as an adult musician. When comparing platforms, consider factors like technology, resources, and accessibility. 

Trala is a top solution for online violin lessons thanks to its advanced technology, focus on adult learners, custom learning experience, many resources, and qualified instructors. With Trala, you can evaluate instructor credentials, choose the right instrument for your needs, and harmonize your skills and passion with expert guidance. 

Start your musical journey with Trala today and discover a new world of learning and self-expression.  

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