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Simple Yet Stunning: 12 Top Violin Solos for Beginners

When you’re learning a new skill, everyone starts somewhere, and violin is no different. But even if you're just starting out, you’re not limited to learning traditional “beginner” tunes. No matter whether your musical goals include wanting to learn a simple tune or learning to play a specific genre, there are plenty of simple yet stunning violin solos you can master to help you develop your skills and bowing techniques.    

Since you're responsible for the melody, rhythm, and sometimes harmony when performing a violin solo, you'll quickly build confidence and develop your unique style. Below are 12 top violin songs for beginners you can perform to impress your family and friends. 

1. Amazing Grace

"Amazing Grace" is a classical hymn that speaks to the power of redemption and grace. It was originally written in 1779 by English poet and Anglican clergyman John Newton after a near-death experience at sea

John was a former slave trader who turned to Christianity and later became an influential abolitionist. The song's lyrics reflect his personal journey and highlight the transformative power of faith. 

The simple, soul-stirring melody and poignant lyrics of this beautiful piece make it a perfect violin solo for beginners to practice their bowing techniques and express their emotions through music. 

Check out Trala's easy violin sheet music for "Amazing Grace" and start practicing this timeless piece today.

2. Ode to Joy

Ludwig van Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" is a popular beginner violin solo that's part of his Ninth Symphony. He composed this classical music in 1824 when he was deaf, making it a testament to his musical genius. 

The song is based on Friedrich Schiller's poem, "Ode to Joy," which celebrates the universal themes of joy, love, and brotherhood. It's often played at weddings, graduations, and other celebratory events due to its uplifting and cheerful melody. 

"Ode to Joy" has a simple melody with a well-defined rhythm (due to its repetitive nature). It is perfect for beginner violinists to practice bowing techniques such as pizzicato and vibrato. 

Want to add this iconic song to your repertoire? Give it a try with Trala's free violin sheet music for "Ode to Joy."

3. Silent Night

Every Christmas season, "Silent Night" fills the air with its peaceful and gentle melody. This beloved carol was written in 1818 by Austrian teacher and composer Franz Xaver Gruber, with lyrics by Joseph Mohr. Having been translated into over 140 languages, it’s one of history's most recorded Christmas songs. 

The soothing melody and simple chord progression are perfect for leaning bow control, dynamics, and finger techniques

You can find the easy violin sheet music for "Silent Night" on Trala, so add it to your practice list and impress your loved ones this holiday season.

4. Air from “La Traviata”

"Air from La Traviata" is an operatic piece composed by Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi, written in A major. Giuseppe wrote it in 1853 based on the play "La Dame aux Camélias" by Alexandre Dumas. 

It tells the story of a Parisian courtesan, Violetta, who falls in love with a young man from a noble family, Alfredo, but is forced to break off the relationship due to societal pressures. This beautiful violin piece captures the passion and emotion of the opera and is perfect for beginners to practice their phrasing, dynamics, and bowing control. 

Download Trala's easy violin sheet music for “Air from La Traviata” today and immerse yourself in the romantic world of opera.

5. All Through the Night

"All Through the Night" is a traditional Welsh folk song that dates back to the 18th century. It was initially written in the Welsh language as "Ar Hyd y Nos" and has since been translated into English. This beautiful lullaby tells the story of a mother comforting her child through the night, reassuring them of her love and protection. 

The repetitive pattern and simple melody of this piece of music allow violin students to practice smooth bowing techniques, intonation, and expression. 

Trala has easy violin sheet music for "All Through the Night" available for download, so add it to your practice list and lull yourself into a peaceful slumber.

6. Angel of Love

Emile Waldteufel composed this classical piece in 1889 as a celebration of the engagement of Marguerite Julie Oyaguez. The waltz is known for its dreamy, romantic melody that captures the essence of love and devotion. 

Emotions run high in this piece, and it’s perfect for beginners to practice expression and dynamics through their bowing techniques.

Play along to Trala's easy violin sheet music for "Angel of Love," and impress your audience with this beautiful waltz.

7. Aria

Another easy violin song for beginners is "Aria" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, which was part of his comic opera "The Marriage of Figaro." It narrates the story of two servants, Figaro and Susanna, who outsmart their master, Count Almaviva, to marry each other — despite his attempts to seduce Susanna. 

The aria is a charming duet between the two lovers that captures their playful and flirtatious relationship. This song is perfect for practicing left-hand finger placement and bowing techniques like legato and staccato. 

Learn this delightful duet with Trala's easy violin sheet music for "Aria."

8. Ave Maria

Many people confuse Franz Schubert's "Ave Maria" with the Roman Catholic prayer of the same name, but it is actually a setting of Walter Scott's poem, "The Lady of the Lake." Schubert's composition was written in 1825 and has since become a beloved classical piece, often played at weddings, funerals, and other solemn processions. 

Beginners can challenge themselves with Trala's easy violin sheet music for "Ave Maria" and hone their articulation, phrasing, and dynamics skills. 

9. Back Home Again in Indiana 

If you're a fan of jazz, then you'll love playing "Back Home Again in Indiana." This song was written by James P. Hanley and Ballard MacDonald in 1917 and has become a staple tune for the Indianapolis 500 race since 1946. It has an upbeat tempo and catchy melody that will have you tapping your foot and swaying along. 

This song is perfect for practicing syncopation, double-stops, and overall finger dexterity on the instrument. 

Take a trip to the Hoosier state with Trala's easy violin sheet music for "Back Home Again in Indiana" and add some jazz to your repertoire.

10. Bill Cheatham

"Bill Cheatham" is a traditional American fiddle tune that dates back to the 19th century. Its origins can be traced to the Appalachian region, where it was often played at barn dances and other social gatherings. 

Each fiddler would put their own unique spin on the tune, and the winner would be the one who could play the fastest and most intricate version. It's a great violin piece for improvisation, as it allows for creativity and adding personal flair. 

You can advance your violin playing skills by practicing string crossings, double-stops, and embellishments with Trala's easy violin sheet music for "Bill Cheatham."

11. Buffalo Gals

Another famous American folk song is "Buffalo Gals," written by John Hodges in 1844 in D major. It talks about a prospector who left his hometown in 1899 to seek fortune in the Nome, Alaska gold rush, only to return home empty-handed. 

The catchy melody and fun lyrics make it an excellent song for beginners to practice rhythm, bowing techniques, and shifting between first position and third position. 

Try it out yourself with Trala's easy violin sheet music for "Buffalo Gals."

12. Carnival of Venice

Julius Benedict, a German-born composer, wrote "Carnival of Venice" in G major in 1911 as a variation of Niccolò Paganini's famous tune "Il Carnevale di Venezia." It's an Italian folk song associated with the Venetian carnival, a yearly celebration before Lent, where people wear elaborate masks and costumes and engage in festivities and entertainment. 

This piece showcases virtuoso techniques such as left-hand pizzicato, rapid finger movements, and spiccato bowing. Improve your finger dexterity, speed, and bow control with this lively and challenging piece. 

Paganini's variations on the tune were known for their technical difficulty, so beginners can challenge themselves with Trala's easy violin sheet music for "Carnival of Venice." 

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These pieces showcase a range of styles and genres, from classical to jazz to folk music, giving you a well-rounded repertoire to hone your articulation, phrasing, and bowing skills.

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