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6 Best Online Violin Lessons for Kids

Teaching kids how to play the violin is an excellent way to nurture creativity, develop fine motor skills, and give them musical appreciation. The violin is a great instrument to learn at virtually any age, and with the proper guidance and instruction, kids can learn to play quickly and confidently.

Online violin lessons teach kids the fundamentals of violin playing, including learning about music theory, reading sheet music, and developing proper bow techniques. With the help of interactive software and tools, students can learn at their own pace and get real-time feedback on their playing.

This comprehensive guide outlines what parents should look for in online violin lessons for their child and six fantastic learning platforms for kids.

What to look for in online violin lessons for kids

It’s important to understand what to look for when selecting an online course. This is to ensure you sign up for the best possible program for your child.

Here are the key factors to consider when choosing beginner online violin lessons for kids:

Offers customizable lessons geared toward kids

Look for programs specifically geared toward their age group. Kids have short attention spans and need fun, engaging, and age-appropriate instruction to maintain their focus. Look for online beginner violin lessons specifically for kids to ensure your child gets the best instruction possible.

A teacher who specializes in teaching children

Stringed instruments like the violin and cello require a lot of patience and practice to master. Learning these instruments can also be challenging for kids, as they have unique needs, abilities, and limitations. It’s important to find an adaptable teacher who genuinely enjoys working with young students, is flexible in their teaching methods, and is patient enough to nurture their musical development.

Support even in between lessons

Continual support in between lessons accelerates learning, instills confidence, and boosts motivation. Lesson recordings, video tutorials, and practice logs can all help young students stay on track and learn more quickly. 

With Trala, students gain access to tons of supporting videos to help violin students practice and progress. If your child is stuck on a particular violin technique or needs a refresher on fingerboard placement, they can watch a video for guidance as they practice.

Well-structured lessons 

Structured violin classes give students an easy-to-follow framework that will help them get better at playing. This can include everything from a beginner’s guide to playing the violin and basic skills like proper posture to more advanced techniques, such as music theory and sight-reading. 

A detailed lesson plan clearly outlines each step that students must take as they improve their skills. This helps them stay focused, consistent, and motivated as they learn to play the violin.

Educates on basic violin maintenance

Educating kids on basic violin maintenance is crucial. Violins are sensitive instruments and must be handled with care.  Students need to know how to properly tune their instruments, replace worn-out strings, and clean their violins. Proper maintenance keeps the violin in top shape, extends its life, and ensures better sound quality.

6 best online violin lessons for kids

The best violin lessons for kids provide comprehensive instruction, stay true to the fundamentals of violin playing and technique, and are tailored to each learner’s skill level and needs. With the growing popularity of online music lessons, there are plenty of violin courses and resources to choose from. 

Here are six of the best programs to consider:

1. Trala

Trala is a revolutionary violin teaching platform that offers interactive one-on-one lessons, instant feedback on playing technique, and access to expert teachers. The personalized private lessons crafted by professional violinists are tailored to each learner’s skill level, helping young students pick up new skills quickly.

Trala’s free app leverages advanced signal-processing technology to provide real-time, spot-on feedback on fingering, intonation, and bowing techniques. The platform also offers a wealth of resources, including practice logs, lesson recordings, and video tutorials to help every student's musical journey.

Key features

  • World-class teachers: Trala has highly qualified violin instructors with plenty of experience teaching children. They tailor their teaching style to your child’s skill level to provide guidance and support each step of the way.
  • Structured private lessons: Expertly designed by professional violinists, these lessons provide an easy-to-follow learning framework for kids. The logical and systematic approach helps students stay focused.
  • Trala method: Trala’s teaching method combines personalized instruction with advanced signal-processing technology to give real-time feedback on technique.
  • Trala’s app: Available for free on iOS and Android, the app allows students to practice anytime, anywhere. 
  • Student-teacher matching methodology: Trala’s algorithm pairs learners with the right instructor based on learning goals, skills, and interests. All teachers begin their first lessons with some knowledge of the student’s musical goals and objectives.


Trala’s private violin lessons are available via monthly subscription in three pricing plans:

  • Weekly: $159.99 per month (four lessons per month)
  • Bi-weekly: $79.99 per month (two lessons per month)
  • Monthly: $39.99 per month (one lesson per month)

2. Violin for Kids

Taught by Miss Melodie, a Suzuki method certified teacher, Violin for Kids is designed to help students learn the violin in a fun and interactive way. The lessons cover music theory, posture, finger placement, and helpful strategies for practice and performance. 

Miss Melodie’s approach is based on the traditional Suzuki method, which emphasizes learning through listening, repetition, and parental involvement. The program has a holistic approach to violin teaching, incorporating music theory, composition, history, and ear training.

Key features

  • Suzuki method approach: This encourages young students to build a strong foundation of music knowledge and skills by listening, repeating melodies, and playing by ear.
  • Daily practice and weekly lesson plans: These are built into the app, so kids can practice their skills daily and have weekly mini-lessons to help them stay on track.
  • Coaching between lessons: Your child can record and send videos to Miss Melodie for feedback, guidance, and encouragement.
  • Quarterly recitals and master class: Invite friends and family to celebrate your child’s progress with quarterly recitals and a master class every three months.


Violin for Kids offers a 14-day free trial to test the platform, after which you must subscribe.

  • Standard monthly tuition: $50/month
  • Private coaching: $100/30-minute session

3. Red Desert Violin

Red Desert Violin offers comprehensive violin and fiddle lessons for all skill levels. They cover technique, ear training, rhythm, composition, and improvisation to help kids build a strong foundation in violin playing. 

Instructors use the Suzuki method as the core of their teaching and add their own twist to make the learning process more engaging and fun. Learners get unlimited access to helpful resources, including instructional videos, free sheet music, and forums to help them hone their skills and connect with other violin players.

Key features

  • Free membership: Get regular tips and content to work on rhythm, tone, and intonation for free.
  • Private lessons: Get specialized instruction from Lora Staples, the founder of Red Desert Violin. She will assess your child’s skill level and develop a personalized learning plan to help them progress quickly.
  • Lifetime access to resources: Gain lifetime access to all instructional videos, sheet music, and practice guides as part of your membership. Connect with other students on forums to exchange tips, techniques, and ideas.


The free membership plan is available for anyone who wants to explore Red Desert Violin’s resources.

For violin lessons, students must start with the Suzuki Book 1 Program ($47/month for seven months or $329), before progressing to Suzuki Book 2.

4. MasterClass

MasterClass is an online streaming platform with classes from some of the world’s leading experts. Taught by Itzhak Perlman, Juilliard instructor, and 15-time Grammy Award winner, this course has 19 video lessons that cover everything from introductory basics to advanced techniques like double stops and vibrato. 

Perlman also shares tips on violin performance, practice strategies, and improvisation. The linear structure of the lessons allows violin players to slowly build their technique and progress at their own pace. Unfortunately, since these are just recorded videos on a streaming platform, MasterClass is not interactive learning; students don’t get one-on-one instruction or feedback.

Key features

  • Linear structure: The 19 step-by-step video lessons are organized in a linear structure, which helps beginners build a strong foundation of knowledge and violin skills.
  • Performance tips: Itzhak Perlman shares his insights and experiences about live performance, preparation, and improvisation.
  • Access to other experts: As part of the MasterClass library, students can access courses from world-renowned experts in music, arts and entertainment, and fashion and design.


MasterClass offers three pricing plans, which come with a 30-day money-back guarantee:

  • Individual: $10 (one account, one device)
  • Duo: $15 (one account, two devices)
  • Family: $20 (one account, six devices)

5. ArtistWorks

Another great online platform for learning the violin is ArtistWorks, led by Richard Amoroso, a member of the Philadelphia Orchestra. Amoroso uses interactive and well-structured lessons focusing on building technique, intonation, rhythm, and musicality. 

He also provides feedback and guidance by reviewing video submissions of their practice sessions, helping them identify improvement areas and correcting mistakes. The slow motion and video looping tools help students learn at their own pace by slowing down or speeding up the video and repeating sections as needed.

Key features

  • Customizable video lessons: The lessons are organized into chapters and modules with interactive tools like slow motion, video looping, and step-by-step exercises.
  • Video reviews: Students can record and submit videos of their practice sessions for review. Richard Amoroso will provide feedback and guidance to help them improve.
  • Access to other experts: The ArtistWorks platform has lessons on other musical instruments like guitar, bass, and cello.


ArtistWorks offers three monthly subscription plans:

  • Three-month plan: $33/month
  • Six-month plan: $30/month
  • 12-month plan: $23.25/month

6. Violinspiration

Founded by Julia Termeer, author of The #1 Amazon Bestseller “The Ultimate Songbook for Beginner Violinists,” Violinspiration offers 200+ free violin video lessons, downloadable sheet music, and a step-by-step practice plan for beginners. 

With a community of over 45,000 learners, Violinspiration’s online forums are a great place to get support, inspiration, and motivation from other violinists.

Key features

  • Comprehensive, free resources: Access to 200+ video lessons, downloadable sheet music, and free practice plans.
  • Interactive forums: Connect with a community of over 45,000 learners to exchange ideas, get feedback, and find support.
  • Expert instruction: Julia Termeer has over 19 years of experience and shares valuable tips, techniques, and strategies in her lessons to help young students reach their potential.


All of Violinspiration’s lessons, materials, and resources are entirely free. However, if you need more advanced and personalized guidance, consider enrolling for Julia Violin Academy, which costs $49/month or $37.50/month when billed annually.

Looking for violin lessons for your child? Try Trala today

Online violin lessons are a great way to get little ones started on their musical journey. And luckily, whether you’re after personalized lessons, free resources, or interactive forums, there are fantastic options to choose from!

For a comprehensive and engaging learning experience, look no further than Trala! With personalized feedback from expert teachers, interactive tools to practice and track progress, and a wealth of resources and tips, Trala has everything your kid needs to learn how to play violin. 

Trala lessons can also be a great addition to your child’s school music or orchestra classes! Read stories from real Trala students and learn why students of all ages love our platform.

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