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Elevate Your Music with Premier Violin Lessons in New York

Jazz, hip-hop, punk rock, disco, doo-wop… each of these musical styles originated in New York. From the Harlem Renaissance to the folk music revival of the 1950s and 60s, waves of immigrants and cultural movements have shaped New York’s music scene. NYC has undoubtedly left a mark on American music, cementing its status as a global center of musical creativity. 

Living in New York and feeling inspired by the musical creativity that surrounds you? Learn to play one of the most popular and beautiful musical instruments: the violin. 

With Trala, a tech-powered online music school, students can learn violin at any age from anywhere in the world. Trala pairs students with a world-class teacher for 1:1 private lessons. Students can also access the award-winning Trala app to learn faster and master their violin skills between sessions. 

Why choose Trala for your violin lessons? 

In a place as influential and diverse as New York City, the options for learning a new instrument are seemingly endless. So why would you consider an online program like Trala? Let’s look at the unique benefits Trala offers.

Variety of genres

Not all students want to become classical violinists. Some are more interested in learning the latest hit songs. With Trala, you can explore the genres that match your interests, led by violin teachers who specialize in more than 26 genres. 

Personalized student/teaching matching

Trala’s online-only program takes a personalized approach to matching students and music teachers. We have an entire team of teacher-matching specialists who spend time getting to know you, your motivations, and how you like to learn. Then we pair you with a violin teacher that best matches your needs. 

Great news: It doesn’t matter whether you’re brand new to violin or an experienced violinist revisiting an old hobby. Trala can help you build or expand your skills. 


We know life is busy and finding free time can be tricky. That’s why Trala offers flexible lessons to fit your busy schedule, including weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly private lessons that take place via video chat. Learn violin when it’s most convenient for you, including in between your 1:1 lessons on the Trala app. 


Taking violin lessons shouldn’t drain your wallet. With Trala, students can choose between hour and half-hour lessons offered once a week, once every other week, or once a month to fit their needs and budget. 

Lessons integrated into your life 

Learning how to play an instrument is a valuable skill. But mastering the fundamentals of music is a lifelong endeavor. Trala’s lessons are focused on fully integrating music into your life. 

Social connections 

Many musicians love to demonstrate their skills during concerts and recitals. Trala gives students opportunities to show off what they’ve learned during live-streamed recitals. You can also connect with thousands of other violinists virtually through student events and free group classes. 

Real student stories

For Kimia who lives in Upstate New York, Trala has enabled her to meet friends from all over the world. She’s been playing the violin and viola for the past 10 years and enjoys attending artist workshops and master classes 

Another New York resident, Kai, is a first-time violinist who began searching for a new hobby during the pandemic. His private teacher, Rachael, helped him make great strides toward his goals. After starting violin lessons with Trala, practicing violin has become part of his daily life. 

The Trala Method

One thing that makes Trala unique is our teaching methodology. Trala is the first major method that prioritizes adults rather than using strategies and lessons geared toward children. It’s also technology-forward and highly convenient, as our lesson offerings are entirely virtual. We embrace technology to help our students get more valuable feedback and understand how they play in an affordable way that works with their lifestyle. 

While many music instruction models are outdated, the Trala Method is informed by recent educational science. It’s also musician-guided. We measure success by each student’s unique goals and reasons for making music. 

What you’ll learn with Trala

Beethoven and Mozart aren’t the only composers you’ll know while taking online lessons with Trala. Our students play all types of music, from folk and pop to Broadway and film. You’ll have opportunities to explore various styles and techniques, or take courses on specific topics to focus your learning. 

As part of your Trala education, you’ll learn core skills including:

  • How to read sheet music
  • Ear training
  • Memorization 
  • Improvisation 
  • Playing a variety of genres

Even violinists who’ve mastered their core skills need opportunities to connect with fellow musicians. Whether they’re performing alongside their peers in an online recital or attending a virtual event, students have plenty of ways to perform and engage with the Trala community! 

Our violin teachers from New York and beyond

Dayna Naglieri

Dayna is a seasoned violinist who resides in New York. With more than 25 years of experience, Dayna has studied Songwriting and Composition at the Conservatory of Music at Purchase College under Grammy award-winning musicians. Though she has a background in classical repertoire, she transitioned into popular music and performs in chamber orchestras, live bands, and as a solo artist. 

Selin Algoz

Selin is a dedicated violinist with 16 years of experience and a Master’s Degree in Violin Performance from the Manhattan School of Music. She’s been teaching violin for nine years and has performed at international music festivals and prestigious venues across Europe. Selin has also performed at Carnegie Hall and collaborated with esteemed musicians from the American Quartet and New York Philharmonic. 

Jenna Shin

Jenna draws from her own deep music education experience to customize lessons for her private students. Classically trained with a Bachelor of Music from Julliard and a Master of Music from NYU, Jenna works with students across all genres, including classical, soundtrack, jazz, anime music, pop, and K-pop. 

Private violin lessons and plan options

Maybe you’re ready to commit to weekly lessons, or maybe a monthly lesson is more your speed. Either way, Trala has lesson plans and pricing options to fit your needs and musical goals. 

  • Weekly Private Lessons: Includes four lessons per month for $159.99 (half-hour lessons) or $279.99 (hour-long lessons) 
  • Bi-Weekly Private Lessons: Includes two lessons per month for $79.99 (half-hour lessons) or $139.99 (hour-long lessons) 
  • Monthly Private Lessons: Includes one lesson per month for $39.99 (half-hour lessons) or $69.99 (hour-long lessons) 

At Trala, our lesson plans aren’t cookie-cutter. We personalize each student’s plan to their needs and interests. This can include: 

  • Style of music: Choose the genres you want to explore.  
  • Lesson styles: For example, do you want to focus more on theory? Learn improv? 
  • Teaching styles and qualifications: Do you prefer a more laid-back teacher? One that’s certified in the Suzuki Method? 

How to get started with Trala’s music lessons

To help match you with the right teacher, Trala uses a brief questionnaire. In this form, we’ll ask you questions about your previous experience with violin classes so we can better understand your background. Then we’ll ask about the best way to get in touch to share more information and get you started with Trala.

Once you’ve matched with a teacher, you’ll work with them to create a custom plan for achieving your goals. After that, it’s time for your first lesson!    

Learn violin in New York City (or anywhere) with Trala 

Whether you’re in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, or anywhere else in the world, Trala is a community for violinists seeking a world-class music education. 

Get started with Trala today and find your ideal violin instructor!

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