Rhythm & Pitch: Foundations of Music Theory and Ear Training

Do you wish reading music was something that felt attainable within your musical journey? Join fellow musicians in this fast-paced, comprehensive breakdown of two core principles to the music we play and enjoy - rhythm and pitch. Each session will contain exercises breaking down the two facets independently, and putting them back together, ultimately giving you a taste into the world of music theory, alongside specifics like solfege, scale theory, and rhythm comprehension.

Best for: all instruments (including voice), ages 12+

6 Weeks
60 minutes each week
Course Capacity 8

This course current has two offerings starting on: 
6/9/2024 at 1pm Central
6/12/2024 at 12pm Central

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This course is 6 sessions.

In this course you will:
Learn how to break down the core fundamentals of both rhythm and pitch
Gain confidence in overall note reading
Become curious to dive deeper into the music you play in the future
Begin fine-tuning pitch recognition
Find your internal pulse
What you need to participate:
Computer or mobile device with Internet.
Internet speed must be at least 1.5Mbps download and 800Kbps upload.
For students using a mobile device, download the Zoom mobile app.

Meet your instructor đź‘‹

Marija Trajkovska

Concert violinist with the Macedonian Philharmonic

As a professional concert violinist and music theory teacher, Marija's teaching style brings a practical, step-by-step approach to learning. She is encouraging and always able to adjust to students' specific goals, requests, and needs.


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Rhythm & Pitch: Foundations of Music Theory and Ear Training

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