Passport to Progress

Come join teacher Claire Braby for this 5-session course for violinists. Designed to delve into frequently requested topics, this is perfect for students who have at least 3 months of lessons under their belt. In the span on one week, you'll visit and reinforce fundamental techniques, gain extensive knowledge of your instrument, boost your confidence, and deepen your appreciation for technical work. By the end of the week, you'll leave equipped to share your newfound skills and passion with your network.

Best for students who:

• Beginner to Intermediate Violinists, ages 9+
• Some fundamental and foundational techniques on the violin
• Have taken at least 3 months of lessons (recommended, not required)

5 Days
60 minutes each day
Course Capacity 50

This course current has four offerings starting on: 

7/15/2024 at 11:00am Central
7/15/2024 at 6:00pm Central
8/5/2024 at 11:00am Central
8/5/2024 at 6:00pm Central

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This course is 5 sessions.

In this course you will:
Learn tuning tips and how to change a string
Gain insight to crafting effective practice sessions
Breakdown the left and right hands
Conquer basic rhythm knowledge to aid in note reading
Walk away with a plethora of knowledge and confidence
What you need to participate:
Computer or mobile device with Internet.
Internet speed must be at least 1.5Mbps download and 800Kbps upload.
For students using a mobile device, download the Zoom mobile app.

Meet your instructor 👋

Claire Braby


Claire is incredibly excited to help our Trala students meet their musical goals! While never forgetting that music is supposed to be fun, Claire creates an engaging lesson environment to help maximize productivity. Claire has studied Violin Performance at the Peck School of the Arts via the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, attended the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, and performed with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra.

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Passport to Progress

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