Listening to the World

At the very first moment of creation with the Big Bang, soundwaves have been a part of existence. Yet, only billions of years later did the air create the medium for sound to travel, and much further than that, did life develop the ability to receive sounds.This course seeks to help connect our ears to both the larger world of music and the inner world of ourselves through the lens of music from other cultures and listening exercises. We will learn how to understand sound and music in how we are affected by it every day and how we can become better musicians by listening to the voices of others.

This course is available to students ages 14+ of all levels. All instruments welcome.

4 weeks
60 minutes each week
Course Capacity 20

Next course starts 6/2/2024 at 12pm Central. This course is 4 sessions.

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In this course you will:
Deepen your listening through practical exercises
Listen and discuss elements of music from different genres and cultures
Develop your toolbox of how to listen to other musicians and inform your own practices
Create “sound journals” where for 1-5 minutes a day, you write everything you can hear into a notebook or blank sheet
What you need to participate:
Computer or mobile device with Internet.
Internet speed must be at least 1.5Mbps download and 800Kbps upload.
For students using a mobile device, download the Zoom mobile app.

Meet your instructor 👋

Michael Lucarelli


Michael's path as a musician is constantly evolving with new influences, which allow him comfort in diverse settings such as jazz, classical, folk, rock, and avant-garde performances. His philosophy relies on community building and nurturing the skills to be an active leader and listener in music making.

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Listening to the World

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