Inhale. Exhale. Play.

This course is about pausing self-judgment and simply ~playing~. Unfortunately, practicing the violin is stressful for most players. For years, I hated playing the violin. It caused anxiety and led to paralyzing self-judgment. Yet, with dedication and perseverance, I discovered how to overcome these challenges and to be more present in all aspects of my life. Join with a welcoming and encouraging group of fellow students as we embark on this journey together.

String players of all levels are welcome.

1 Session
60 minutes
In this course you will:
Feel the transformative effects of becoming more aware of the sounds you create.
Learn breathing techniques to promote well-being.
Connect with your instrument on a deeper level.
Learn how to enjoy playing and let go of self-judgment.
What you need to participate:
Computer or mobile device with Internet.
Internet speed must be at least 1.5Mbps download and 800Kbps upload.
For students using a mobile device, download the Zoom mobile app.

Meet your instructor 👋

Sam Walder


This course is taught by Sam Walder, Trala’s CEO. Sam has been playing violin for 25 years and additionally plays guitar, piano, cello, mandolin, banjo, ney, and erhu.

What students are saying about

“Good energy was present—that moment of relaxation and peace to engage with the violin was fulfilling. I listened intently, holding my bow was easy, and now I can create more comfort and joy while learning. I am more relaxed mentally. Thank you Sam, that was an awesome class.”


“The class was awesome. Sam is a great guide with a gentle voice that encouraged us to relax and drop self judgments. For the first time since learning to play, I had an emotional connection to the music I was making—a sweet visceral reaction where tears freely flowed. This was an amazing experience.”


"Never have I felt so peaceful, relaxed, and in love with my instrument as I was today, so I hope that I can take the course again soon!"


"I realize that I have just as many 'stories' about how I play going on as when I was very young. What I liked was just the fact that there is attention to this aspect of learning. It makes it a 'normal' part of life, and thus also part of playing an instrument. After the course, I realized that I am actually really grateful for my beautiful instrument—and for the fact that I can play it. I love your school and am so happy with my private lessons as well!"