The Trala Method of Learning Music

The Trala Mission

Trala’s mission is to make world-class music education accessible to every single person on Earth.

The Trala Method

Written by Trala teachers (with feedback from our students)

The Trala Method is for the people.

Students learn best when they’re taught to play the music they love. When given the chance to play a song they’ve heard on the radio or the music they grew up listening to, students light up. When pop, rock, and folk music is brought into private music lessons and group classes, we see higher rates of student engagement, motivation, and musicality.

Too many should-be musicians have been deterred by gatekeeping, stuffy repertoire, and inaccessible music schools. We’ve set out to build a music school where all students are welcomed and encouraged to pursue their musical interests. 

You don’t need to be classically trained to be a good musician. If you didn’t learn an instrument as a child, the Trala Method will show you it’s not too late to learn. If you stopped playing years ago, the Trala Method can help you rediscover the joys of making music. 

The Trala Method uses a combination of student-driven teaching and technology to empower students to play the music they love, at any age, from anywhere.  The Trala curriculum is based on folk music from around the world, giving students the chance to play familiar tunes and explore other traditions of music making. 

Trala students shape our curriculum and technology.

Over the past three years, 250,000+ students downloaded Trala to learn violin. Made up of musicians ages 8 to 80, our international student body includes students from Atlanta, Beirut, Hong Kong, Dublin, Brisbane, and Trala’s hometown of Chicago. 

Trala students are interested in exploring a breadth of musical traditions, cultures, and techniques.. They make music to relax, express themselves, and bring joy to others. Some students come to Trala with little to no musical experience, while others use Trala to refresh their skills after taking some time away from their music. As they learn and grow, Trala students share their talents by cheering on and mentoring their peers in group classes and student forums. 

Our students drive Trala’s pedagogy and technology. They join meetings with our engineers and teachers to give feedback on new features, classes, and the Trala method. 

Trala teachers build well-rounded musicians.

Trala teachers are experienced artists and educators who’ve shared the stage with rockstars, maestros, jazz ensembles, and pop divas. They prioritize fun and are here to make sure that students receive the feedback and support they need to learn the music they love. 

With the goal of building well-rounded musicians who can make and share music with others, our teachers guide students in creating performance videos to share with friends and family. They organize online recitals for their students and are the first to buy a ticket when their students are ready to perform outside of the Trala community.  

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