Trala x Joshua Bell

The world’s preeminent violinist teams up with Trala to transform music education

Joshua Bell, the GRAMMY® Award-winning violinist, sets the standard for instruction at Trala. In addition to shaping Trala’s curriculum and student experience, Joshua is recording a series of behind-the-scenes videos while he’s on tour to share his advice and inspiration with Trala students.

With a career spanning four decades, Joshua Bell has performed with practically every major orchestra in the world. He’s a soloist, recitalist, chamber musician, conductor, and the Music Director of the Academy of St Martin in the Fields.

Joshua Bell shares Trala’s belief that accessible, affordable music lessons are hard to come by for most of the world. “I have always had a keen interest in helping find ways to increase and enhance the opportunities for music education… I have been involved with organizations that focus on music in the schools and more specifically children from families with socioeconomic challenges,” says Joshua. “What excites me about Trala is that it can not only reach this demographic, but also another demographic that is so important - the adult music lover who always wanted to play the violin. I'm convinced now that the music education industry could be significantly strengthened if we served adults and people of all geographic backgrounds with the same resources we bring to schoolchildren.”

As part of his ongoing partnership with Trala, Joshua is recording video content for the Trala app that brings students into his world as a musician, both on tour and at home. “Trala students will have access to my experiences, stories, encouragement, and even some performances, “ says Joshua. “As we go along, I would love to introduce Trala members to some of the exciting and inspirational musicians I meet during my continuing musical journey!”

Joshua Bell holding his violin.

With over 400,000 downloads and violin students in 193+ countries, Trala has received support from top musicians and investors at Duolingo and LinkedIn.
Trala violin students are surgeons, moms, graphic designers, truck drivers, grandparents, middle schoolers, martial arts teachers, and CEOs. They live and make music in rural Montana, Beirut, Juneau, Perth, and our hometown of Chicago.

Joshua Bell playing his violin.

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